lydia. 21, norfolk. studying musical theatre in essex. i do not eat animals. and i think about the world a lot. i love observing strangers, and there isn't really a set career path i completely want. i want to be many things! have a nice day :)

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i just impulse bought two tickets to see the national in november. although i have only known this band for a short ammount of time, they make me feel things that i rarely feel with other music. they are a band that manage to make me feel everything. ive never experienced a concert in the o2 arena either and i am so so freaking excited! november is an exciting month… seeing ross noble, then going to be a witness in a court for something i witnessed at work haha (scared about that) , then seeing colleen/ miranda, then the national! ahh i just feel so much excitment for one month!


Shot these with my phone through my telescope

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Costco doesnt fuck around

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